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Protecting You

Home Safe Each Day

page4 img1Our bottom line is that every person who works on, visits or is affected by our projects needs to return home to their families safe every night. Ensuring the safety of our work sites is the most important service we provide, not only to our clients but also to our employees and subcontractors and the public in and around our active construction sites.

Given this important responsibility, we set a higher standard for safety excellence than that required by the letter of the law. Our written health and safety plan exceeds OSHA and other safety professionals  safety thresholds on all of our projects. At ABM Enterprises NJ, Inc. all of our project managers and superintendents are OSHA trained. Our EMR and TRC, standard industry benchmarks, are well below industry averages. To date, we have had no lost days to injury caused on a single project site.

Similarly, we recognize that we are an extension of our clients in the view of the public and any neighbors to our project sites. We deeply respect the role we play in upholding the public perception and value of our clients and their institutions.

Training to be Safe


page4 img11Site safety is not the responsibility of just one person, but of everyone working on site. Prior to the start of construction, ABMNJ requires that all personnel, including subconsultant personnel, receive and review a copy of the site-specific safety plan, which they are required to sign and comply with.

With proper safety training and sound safety practices, accidents can be and are prevented. We have developed a site safety orientation program. Like the safety manual, these documents are reviewed with everyone who works on the site at tool box meetings covering known site concerns and general safety.

Safety meetings are held with the project teams to train them on new procedures and review the project, upcoming work schedule, additional safety concerns, new hazards that may appear and any changes to the safety plan.

The ABMNJ organization is committed to making safety an essential part of the way we do business every day. Our policies and objectives are to protect workers and the public from physical injury and long term illness. Our efforts to produce a safe working environment have succeeded through responsive attitudes, unity of purpose and pro-action for effective accident and incident loss control.